Thursday, January 20, 2011

Numb Nuts

It's like xmas all over again! A package for me? What could it be?? This is exciting!

When I got home there was a note from Canada Post saying I had a packge waiting to be picked up. Now obviously I ordered whatever it was, so I should have a clue what is in it. On the other hand we've made a couple purchases this past week so it could be one of a few things.

I was really hoping it was the Toe Tag RoadID. I've been looking forward to getting mine and showing it off. When we seen the package however, it was definitely not the size of a RoadID. My new ISM Adamo Racing saddle has arrived! Yay! I didn't realize it at the time, but I actually wanted it to be the saddle more than the RoadID! I could hear my testicles breath a sigh of relief since we got a bike ride to do the next morning!

The package was clear and sexy and had a big check-mark beside the RACING model which made me feel faster already! The ROAD version looked a bit more plush and might be more comfortable but it was hideous looking, even wider than this model. It has to at least look fast, cuz thats the only  think I got going for me out there. :) Once out of the box it was pretty simple really. One bolt and a couple twists to my angle adjuster on the seatpost and I was ready to give it a shot! There are warning labels all over the box that tell you that this saddle is 'different' and you need to consider that when positioning it. I took a few adjustments but I think I may have found the sweet spot. I won't say for sure until I do a long ride and see if the Weiner & Beans go numb. I'm also shopping for a better sized aerobar which I have yet to decide on one.
Gotta cover the Nasty Blue with a M-Dot sticker or something

I little bulky, but not bad

Yes. I wear fluffy puppy slippers.
I got Big Green alien ones too. With Antennas.

After Monday's fiasco with an overcrowded pool for the first time, I made sure we arrive early and got one of the roped off lanes. People are usually less likely to jump into the 'roped off' section. That's usually reserved for the sharks faster swimmers. It was a perfect swim. The electronic clock was working again so I was able to read the numbers from a distance and time my laps. On average I'm holding a confident 1:50 / 100m and if I go a comfortable race speed it's a definte 1:40. I didn't time an all out sprint yet, I was more interested in make sure I'm consistent at a training pace. I'd have to say I'm feeling quite strong in the water but I'd feel better about it if I could get an officially measured swim in. I know I can easily swim 3000m in 60 minutes. So I just swim 60 minutes non-stop and call it 3000m. I don't actually count the laps, I always lose count. So in effect, I'm probably doing closer to 3200m but who knows. I'd like to get an official time that I know I hadn't lost track of how far I went.
Can't believe I got my thumb.
Thats something my Dad would do. Doh!


Swim - 1:00hrs


  1. Have you gotten your swim technique analyzed yet?

    Cut a good 10-20 seconds off my 100m splits. I also don't exert as much effort now.

    If I can swim consistent 1:30/100m anyone can.

    Curious what your thoughts are on the saddle. Not trying to be funny here but its the only way I know how to word this... haha, what does it feel like to have something that big between your legs? Looks like since they have 2 pieces coming forward that the seat is wider in the front. Curious if that affects your spinning technique?

  2. Actually I thought the same thing - except you'll find you sit further towards the front of the saddle which is exactly the same width as a regular saddle. The 'bulk' at the back is a non-issue, you dont even use it. If I understood it correctly, the only reason the big surface area at the back is there for is for UCI compliance for racing. Something in the rules makes them have it to be compliant.

    Otherwise the only difference between this saddle and the one you have now is that the nose is cut off and they made a small trough, these allow the blood to flow to your pecker so you can perform for H. It's only 130mm up front and your sit bones sit perfectly on the two prongs and its unbelievably comfortable. Its a weird sensation to have your package free-hanging up front and flapping in the wind but its quite comfortable from a blood flow perspective. For reference I went from a 143mm specialized saddle to a 130mm adamo saddle. Even though my old saddle was 143, the sit bones actually just used the thinner section.

  3. Nice saddle!! TMI about your manly bits but I'm glad you'll be more comfortable?

    There's more to look forward to, toe tags and wheels.. January is a good month for you!

  4. Interesting. This is the saddle that everyone in the world swears by. Might end up splurging and getting one.

    Thanks for the response man.

  5. Nice saddle. Those things are TT heaven. Dude your swim is lengthy, you should get creit for the distance. Have you tried 20 lap counts or 500 meters ? This the only way I can keep count. Then its just a matter of how many 500 meter bricks you did. Think about it.It's not perfect but it helped me out of swim and flip delerium.
    P.S. Thanks on the bike info.I'm rewrapping the bars and plan on sliding the hoods back a bit. I also think going 10 m shorter on the stem will be good too. I don't want to compromise handling too much, and I also don't want the seat so far forward that my legs get cshed early either. Any other suggestions e-mail me. PLEASE

  6. I'm glad I'm not the only one who loses count of laps in the pool.

  7. F the saddle



  8. I always lose count of laps in the pool, I got a lap counter for like $20 and it has saved my sanity (and me stopping and going, what that 300?)

    Hope that seat takes care of your peni. You made me LOL on Adena's blog.



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