Friday, January 21, 2011

Johnson Power

My Penii approves of this bike seat.
Scheduled Rest Days WIN!!

Incase you missed my comment on Adena's blog I will educate you. Penii is plural for Penis. When you're this big, you refer to it in plural.

Yup, I just bragged about the size of my Johnson. How sad is that eh? We all know that men who brag about their package are usually the size of a pinky finger. lol. OK class is over, enough cock-talk for one week. hah!

So the morning ride was wonderful obviously! Through the day I spent some time discovering some more material for my Ironman Motivation playlist on You-Tube. I came across some hidden gems. I shared my sooper-sekrit playlist with you in a previous post, you'll have to dig for it yourself. If you're looking to get pumped up and excited about your workout, maybe a little emotional, my playlist is for you!! Great Bike Trainer material!

China. Not close enough.

I'm a little sad that my China-man hasn't responded to my messages yet. At first I thought it was due to Time Zone differences, then I thought maybe my Engrish wasn't clear enough for him, then I chalked his non-response up to the fact he's probably on the assembly line getting whipped by a sumo wrestler-looking dude as he manufacturer's my wife's new bike frame in a sweat shop. At least it's a good deal price wise, this whole China thing is great! Right up until we're all put out of a job of course. hah!  So anyhow, my trust has diminished and I'm looking for a new sweat shop supplier to get me the frame for my wife's bike. It's rare for me to make deal with online sales from someone so far away. One of my pre-requisites for ordering stuff online is that the guy taking my money must be within driving distance from my place so if he runs off with my money and doesn't deliver, I can track  him down and beat him senseless. It's just good business. Oh, and I've done my homework. Before you go spouting off about how buying stuff directly from China is a no-no, I am confident this is a safe bet. That overpriced crap you've been buying can be acquired directly from the back door of any major manufacturing facility in China. You just gotta know where to look, and most of all make sure it's not one of the 'rejects' from the assembly line. Sure there is risk, but it's calculated.

Anyhow, I pounded out a perfect run last night! My pace was spot on, I'm feeling strong again. My energy reserves are back and I have recovered fully from last Saturday's suffer-fest. This is just in time for next week's scheduled Recovery-week. I don't feel like I need a recovery week, but the next set starts to add on strength training and intensity so I better make sure I'm well rested. It's going to get CRaZy!

Bike - 1:05hrs
Run - 1:10hrs

Here is a small taste of the kind of stuff on the S00per-D00per-Sekrit Training Playlist


  1. Dude that is funny stuff about the CHINA-MAN. I hope that all gets handled. Speedy run. very envious of yall's speed out there.

  2. thx for the reminder on the playlist as I get ready to start my bike trainer sessions

  3. Bro
    I cant find the post with the playlist!! do you know which one it is:)
    dont make me dig!~!!


  4. I told you. It's a sooper Sekrit playlist. I could tell you, but then I'd have to kill you.

    Bah, nobody reads my blog anyway so I'll post it knowing that only an Elite few will access it. This playlist is like getting a free pass to Kona. It's THAT good. Listen to it and you will generate 500+ extra watts of power on the bike!!

  5. I agree that you just have to know where to look. Finding cheap goods is easy but knowing vendors that will respond to questions or that have great feedback makes buying from thousands of miles away, worth the extra effort. Heck, my jeans were made in China.

  6. I believe - I'm so sure! LOL!
    You better have Rick and Dick Hoyt in that playlist. Those guys get me bawling everytime! Jenn



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