Friday, February 4, 2011

Carbon Complaining

Sure enough I have soreness in every  nook and cranny of my entire body today. Did I mention how much I HATE those workout videos? As Matty-O hinted at - how messed up is that? Even with countless hours of swim, bike, run I am still missing the most basic muscle sets. Crazy. Depressing too. On the bright side - My IT Band feels great! I'm keeping on it though, the real test will be this weekends long slow run.

Ohhh Lucky You! I had a doom and gloom post all typed up but before I submitted it I decided I would go clear my head with a run first. I'm sure glad I did, and then I decided I would wait until this morning. Sure glad I waited too - I think Matty-O stole my post! His looks pretty much exactly what I was going to write. So I'll spare you the whining and complaining and focus on the awesome good stuff from last night! WOW IT FEELS SO GOOD TO SEE THE SUN AGAIN! No really, I went for a run and the sky was on fire with colour (Canadian spelling eh) and it stayed light out for 75% of my run! That was such a great feeling, I ran with a smile the whole time! Well, I smiled only once and then my face just froze in that position. I was trying to imagine the heat coming off the big ball o' fire in the sky. My body didn't quite buy that though. Hey, I tried! :)

After my run I love putting on my soft pair of cotton jogging pants and warm socks and relax in front of the computer. Just as I got comfortable and warmed up I could hear the wife going crazy upstairs. She came running down screaming and flailing her arms about like a mad-man.
She found a Postal note saying a package has arrived and awaits pickup. The place closes in literally 5 minutes!!!!!! WARP SP333D!!!! I've never jumped up and been out the door so fast in my life. Literally 10 seconds we were in the truck racing to the postal outlet. Now I don't mind waiting to pick up the package the next day, but I wouldn't hear the end of it if we didn't at least TRY to get it that night. Anyhow, some less than legal driving got us to the outlet at the exact moment the worker put the CLOSED sign out. She could see that we rushed to get there and took pitty on us and serviced the request. Yay! Oh. Wait. Where is my ID? Whoops, I guess in our haste I left my ID at home wiith my running gear from earlier in the evening hah! I'm lucky I didn't get pulled over on the way here! Even more lucky is that I just so happen to have my mountain bike trail pass with me that had my name on it and she accepted it in combination with Mrs LoTC's license with our address on it. That was close.

Soooo the big toy? Carbon road bike frame, fork, seatbost and bottle cages for Mrs LoTC. The first noticable thing was how incredibly light it is. It's crazy lightweight! I worked the camera while Mrs LoTC practically had sexual relations with her new toy. I'll post the pics just as soon as I get them off the camera. Maybe she'll have something on her blog if she remembered.


Swim: 1:00hrs
Bike: 1:00hrs
Run: 1:15hrs


  1. "I worked the camera while Mrs LoTC practically had sexual relations with her new toy." soooo when is this one going to be posted on pornhub?


    Damn man, you shelled out some BUCKS on the equipment this year! Hope you guys are happy with the upgrades... This poor measly american can only afford the crappy heavy equipment haha.

    Glad I stole your post. Also glad that I am not the only one.... except you don't have much to complain about since you can train for more than 30 minutes!

    Keep up the good work man!

    Loved the kitty pics today. Did I mention I hate cats?

  2. "Loved the kitty pics today. Did I mention I hate cats?"

    Ok that one cracked me up!!! LMAO

    yea where the fuck do you get all these kitty pics?

  3. Good luck with you IT band this weekend! I was rolling 'the stick' over mine in the car heading home after my long run this morning. The sun does feel comes spring! (I'll say that for a good two months - it helps us get through winter)

  4. Good luck with the IT band. Sounds like the most common injury I have heard of lately!! Sucky.

    Um, yeah. Where do you get those kitty pics?

  5. J, another big mileage day, watch out Rodney if you keep this up.




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