Sunday, February 6, 2011

Remember the Time When....

Sure I'll have two.

I didn't queue in when she looked at me like I got two heads. She made me two Peanut Butter Jelly sandwhiches on top of the breakfast I just ate and immediately before my run. This would not end well.

Toughest Mental Run To Date. 25 23Km of misery.

Of course when I started the run I could feel a huge ball of PBJ floppin' around in the belly. It was painful and I promised myself that if my stomach doesn't feel good in 30 minutes we're calling the wife for a rescue. That was a looong 30 minutes, plenty of false starts and walking. Luckily, I think, by 30 minutes my stomach didn't have the pain anymore. So now I actually get to jog but every 5 minutes I'm looking to walk. I just couldn't find 'the zone'. At the time I thought 'This is the part where SIU gets its meaning'. It was one of those runs.

By the time I almost found a tempo I hit a snag in my route. Google Maps screwed up and the road I was following did not complete the loop. Luckily there was a trail that connects the loop so I just decided to take that. 12 Inches of fresh snow on top of a hard base of pitted snow so you couldn't see the holes underneath. Oh the ankles really loved that. Again, mentally I could not get going and the majority of it amounted to no more than a shuffle with now wet feet. Thinking back, I wish I didn't know about that trail, then I could have just turned back home. Doh!

Finally at a road! Approaching halfway I'm now getting buzzed by heavy highway traffic. There is no sidwalk or shoulder on this road. Horrible way to go but it's either this or double back on the snow trail. I make a quick stop at a coffee shop and fill my fuel belt with water. An older country bumpkin looking couple got interested in what I was doing. I told them I just ran here from the next city over and I could tell they couldn't quite compute the distance but it was enough to blow there minds. I could tell the guy was looking at me like I was mentally derranged for doing such a thing. For once, I could relate to such a thought. I am definitely not enjoying this today so why am I doing it?

Anyhow the run back was uneventful. Frequent walks and a weird pain in the back inside of my knee. Something is tight, and my IT Band was on edge but it wasn't until later in the evening that it became obvious that it had once again been aggravated. Oh well. I am so glad this run is over.

The day is not over though. It was our 11th Year anniversary. No we haven't been married for 11 yet, still a long ways off that one. No, she still has us celebrating the 'day we met'. No not the day we started officially dating, the day we actually met for the first time. She'll use any excuse to get me to take her on a date! Hah! So the plan to hit a Thai restaurant was interrupted by the return of my stomach pains coupled with a snow storm. Instead we hit East Side Marios. I pigged out. I ate till I couldn't eat no more and THEN I had seconds! Screw my stomach pain, everything was so tastey and with a miserable cold run behind me I wanted to make sure I stuffed every last calorie into me for the next day's long bike. It was disgusting how much I ate.
Which brings me to my confession. We agreed not to get each other anything for this 'anniversary' since we just bought a bike and bigscreen and toys. However in my haste of an absolutely horrible day at the office on Friday I didn't get a chance to go get her a card. Then the long miserable run took the entire day and I was too mentally drained to even remember the card. Yes, you're reading this correct - I didn't get her anything.
Ahhhh crap. I thought when she handed me a beautiful card with a great message in it. It's topped with a heartfelt hand written luv note at the bottom of it. Yup. I'm an a$$hole.
Luckily for me, she's been with me 11 years and knows I'm one. I'm not a gift giving kinda guy, never have been, I usually show up to birthdays and christmas empty handed for friends an familly. Obviously if I do think about the gift giving part, I completely wait until the last minute. I don't know, its just who I am. I don't like receiving things from people. I think I got that from my dad. If you buy him a gift, it will remain unopened forever. He doesn't take charity or accept gifts. He's too proud. Well, that and he's an a$$hole too :)
Of course I got you sumfin'.... .. ...
She hasn't said anything about not getting her card yet. I said I'd give it to her 'later'. Meaning the next day and we went to bed and she didn't mention it. You know gurls though, it's probably bugging her. I am surprised I woke up this morning alive. Wait..... no, I'm good - she didn't cut my ballz off either. They are still there. Make no mistake, I will pay for this one day. It could be today, tomorrow or 10 years from now. She will get her revenge. Woman tend to hold sinister grudges for ages until the perfect opportunity to deliver exacting revenge all while saying the words "Remember the time when....."

She's still upstairs sleeping. I gotta come up with something like pronto.....


Run - 2:45hrs


  1. Good job on the run! get out the foam roller ...oops I mean the plastic water bottle...and roll that thing out

    you must have a lot of anniversaries!

  2. J, super job on the run, very nice. Impressive. On the card, suggestion: Buy a bunch and put them in your drawer to pull out as needed.


  3. LOL at bryan.

    Yeah man, welcome to the ass hole club. 100% relate to the gift situation. I hate getting gifts, I hate giving gifts... my wife hates me. Simple.

    And yes, 12 years down the road... you will pay for this day, you will pay miserably. She has just mentally secured this event in her vault. That vault gets re-used as she wishes to make you feel like crap.

    Why must women be so damn difficult?



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