Thursday, February 3, 2011

Ironman 70.3 Photos

Why is it that the overpriced photographers always snap pictures of you when you're picking your nose, scratchin' your balls and looking your not-so-finest?! Don't we pay the big dollars for quality?

Well I FINALLY got around to ordering my Ironman Muskoka photos. I wasn't too impressed with the ridiculous price for the digital prints and just finally they sent a 15% discount which at least made it seem reasonable. No. Nevermind, it's still stupidly overpriced but I wanted them nonetheless. The prey on suckers like me.

Slow but I'll take it.

T2 was at the TOP of that hill

That's not me, that's an Iceberg.
4C overnight makes for warm water. Not.

Those that get 102.1 understand.

Doing everything in my power not
to trip right here. I was still waiting for my
legs to thaw out.
The GPS is not broken.
You were REALLY that slow.

My Lip does that when I'm concentrating. I'm concentrating on doing everything in my power to
keep my balls from freezing to the saddle. It was THAT
frackin' cold out!

Nearing the finish line.
That's what a Half-Iron smile looks like.
Coupled with pain from siezed up Hammys

I'm grunting something, thats why
she is looking at me like I got 3 heads


  1. Wow! That looks like over $100 worth of photos. I only bought two pictures


  2. AWESOME! Loved it.

    HAHA, loved Peter's comments haha ($150 if you ask me).

    I actually want to do that 70.3 race. But, if it is as cold as you speak... no thanks!

  3. Nice pix.

    I have yet to buy a picture of me taken by a professional. They are HORRIBLE. I have a couple decent snapshots taken by my husband or friends but even most of those look like crap.

  4. Mix your numbers 370 and it's 70.3 great pix.How do you not by them. Its a huge thing.

  5. Nice photo's, you actually look in good shape crossing that finish line, last out of all your friends. At least you got you're monies worth staying out their longer. haha




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