Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Week 17 Review

So Happy To Crush Another Week of Training!
I haven't been as consistent with the strength training as I would have liked this week. I'm so sore from doing them that I wanted to make sure I recovered a little more before trying them again. That, and I dislike working my non-existent core. I have to stop making excuses for skipping those 'optional' workouts.

I am thankful that my IT Band is under control finally. It was hardly a factor on my long run, disaster avoided! The long runs have been consistently tough every weekend because it seems to ALWAYS snow right before my run. I had to rearrange the schedule by swapping long run/bike days to try to avoid the snow, but that didn't work. Knowing that I would be stuck out in the snow again, I cut 30 minutes from my long bike. I really shouldn't have done that, oh well. My bike feels weak, because it is. I'll worry about getting faster on the bike after the Around The Bay race. I'm concentrating still on my running only, but after all this investment in running - I'm still very slow compared to even the middle-of-the-pack times. I am simply not a runner. Frustrating but I am coming to terms that it will take alot more time to develop any kind of respectable speed. Running is completely new to me.

I am excited to see how strong my swimming has become. I haven't poured on any obious speed but I am feeling very strong in the pool. I think swimming is definitely my strongest discipline. Obviously that doesn't translate to much time out on the race course, but it at least I can free up time to concentrate on my bike and run.  I can't wait to try some open water swimming as soon as it warms up enough.

Even with a slight glitch in my routine, I am happy with this weeks results. Especially that my IT Band is feeling waaay better. Nalgene bottle for a roller works wonders!

WEEK 17 TOTAL (Set 5, Week 2 - Base Build)

Swim: 2:00hrs
Bike: 4:00hrs
Run: 4:30hrs
Strength: 0:40hrs

TOTAL: 11:06hrs
Technically 13:00hrs due to catchup Monday ride, attributed to last weeks totals though


  1. Alright, I will try your nalgene bottle trick. I need something to work already.

    Nice job on getting the workouts in man. The run will come. If you are doing HR training this is a great way to not get frustrated by your times. Just run your HR zone and time and pace are no factor at all. When it's time and your body is ready the speed just appears. Trust me. I am a big dude and I can run fast, therefore no one in the world can say that they can't be fast.

    Keep up the base building!

  2. Good job John. I empathize as a runner :-(

  3. MO - Thats what I keep telling myself. I mean, if you can do it then I can do it, but like twice as good. I am still waiting for the results to kick in but I'll let you know when they do lol! U give me hope! Thnx! haha

    TRI - Thanks. I respect running more than ever. This is a tall mountain to climb.

    MBTB - This is so true. I get it from my father lol. My bottle is working for the hamstring it seems too so no need to buy the overpriced peice of foam, YET. lol!

  4. J, nice job on the training. Solid numbers. Running definitely takes time. Small request, on the cat photos, wow, you sure like cats. I notice you have a lot of them in your archive. If you could find and post one with a Dog ripping apart a cat I think that would be awesome. Just a small request. haha




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