Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Parts Order

Finally, a day sans doom & gloom! I kicked the day off with a strong ride this morning! I hit that darn snooze button once, but I made up for it by eating WHILE riding. My early morning routine usually has me relax a moment on the sofa while snacking on some crackers and a bannana while the mind still wakes up. This time, I just nibbled while on the bike. It was so much more efficient, I just found myself an extra 9 minutes of sleep! Yay me!

It helps that I'm in the middle of watching the 2006 Paris-Roubaix. I just completed 3 of the 4 hours, what an awesome video! I am also working on Tour du Flanders which I am about halfway on. Watching hardcore cyclists at work while on the trainer is really inspiring.

Mrs. LoTC has been good to me, so I guess I could
finish building her bike for her... :)

I had a productive day at the office. I had time to finalize the loooooong list of parts and toys to complete Mrs. LotC's bike. The carbon frame, fork, seatpost, cages have been sitting here looking lonely. I've spec'd out everything over the past month and built up a great balance of high-end components with expensive lightweight sh!t. This bike is going to be crazy fast and light! I want one! Of course I slipped a few things in there for myself. I'll post pics when they arrive. Exciting nonetheless!

I had such a great run tonight. With my IT Band driving me nuts, it was nice to run pain-free for the most part. My knee is showing a bit of swelling but it went down by the end of the day so I decided to stay true to the plan - Speed Run!!! A short 10Km jaunt on my usual route but at a quicker pace. Wow that felt great! I pinned my HR just high enough to make this a challenge. I even forced some burn in the legs on the hills, it was rejuvinating! I've been stuck in the montony of aerobic boredom that I forgot about how fun pain can be! Feell the burn baby! I still felt strong by the end, I think I'm seeing me break through another level and knock the next 20 seconds off my pace.

45 DAYS!!!%%@##@! ZOMG!%!!!

Yes. I just spazzed out. Around The Bay Race is just around the corner. Only a couple more long runs and it is here! I've been contemplating my run nutrition. I don't know how to fuel myself on the long runs, outside of hammer gel. I'm also thinking about what to have for breakfast that morning. Maybe a coffee? I'm not much a coffee drinker, just one a day in the afternoon to keep my sharp, so is that something I should use to boost me in the morning? Red Bull? I hate that stuff, but maybe I can mix it with something? I only mention Red Bull because it seems to be the staple of every endurance athelets pre-race diet. Sick. I'm going to have to experiment more. This will be the first running race I have ever done. I've never done a 5 or 10 of half marathon. Well, I did do that Ironman 70.3 but there was a small swim and bike before that run. Regardless, a run-only race is new to me. 30Km seems realllly far. *Gulp*


  1. Running diet. Well the best thing you can do is practice on your weekends, get up when you would get up for the race and practice diet.

    I don't do coffee on race day. I use hammer gels during the race. My breakfast is 2 eggo waffles with maple syrup. Works for me, I never get sick on that.

    Good luck... don't fret, it's really not that far of a distance :)

  2. I want to come out for around the bay and cheer you on.

    I'm DYING to see pics of the new bike that's so great!!!

  3. 30k seems far because it is!

    Pre-race, I always have a bagel with P.B. 2hrs before. 2-3 days before the race are the most important for carb loading so you want to be at least 60% carbs by that point. Eat really clean the day before the race. I make my own energy gels out of crushed caffine pills, honey and a bit of water. Tastes great and costs almost nothing. You can get a little gel flask that clips onto your fuel belt to hold the homemade gels. I take a hit of that concoction 15 min before the race and every 45 min during.


  4. I'm so very disappointed in all of you. I thought for sure I'd insight a livid response in to that wicked awesome pic I found. I've been dieing to find a post to use it in, and now I don't even get so much as a rolling of the eyes.

    Damn. I gotta try harder next time! :)

  5. Banana? Potassium seems wise before a race, but try it before a long run pre-race. I usually have some coffee, maybe not a full cup (bathrooms tend to get busy) - it is mainly mental at that point. Also if you haven't tried sports drinks on your runs, give them a test beforehand...some people can't run on them. I alternate a bit on race day - water/sports drink. If you can see what they are giving out at the stations along the route in advance (sometimes on the website).

  6. Loved your productive day at the office comment. haha


  7. MO - I really got to practice. I keep forgetting! I sure hope its not that far. Something tells me I'll push to hard to bonk by 20 lol

    Adena - Cheer? Dont you mean point and laugh? hah!

    Jenn - Caffeine pills sounds like a good idea! I wonder where to get them?

    Daryl - Yah, I think they might have changed the sports drinks they are serving at IM's. I gotta look into that. I think IM Perform instead of gatorade now. Thats a good thing to check ahead of time!

    Bryan - Yeh, they're only getting what they pay for and right now it ain't much! hah!

    Susie - you are hilarious. You always make me laugh. I love your funny posts, they're so witty! lol



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