Thursday, February 10, 2011

Wake Up Call

Yoga - I feelz it!
A full week of early mornings. That's a first. I'm definitely relying on a single cup of coffee in the afternoon to keep me awake until I get home. Around 1:30pm I get the urge to fall asleep. I used to think it was the crash from a sugar rush of my fruit smoothie breakfast, but now I'm not so sure. I think my body just wants an afternoon nap, an energy cycle of sorts. Damn. I'm getting old, I need a nap to function? Sad. lol Anyhow a single cup of coffee, albeit BIG one, does the trick.

In the morning I tried P90x Yoga for the first time. Well not the first first time, but first time in a year. I tried it once before and absolutely hated it. I was laid up for a week with muscle pain, I just don't have core or anything for that matter. This was only my second 'core' workout since last week. I gave this Yoga thing my best though. I held all the poses and kept great blance and really made an effort to complete the workout. About 40 minutes in though I had nothing left. As soon as they started standing on one leg and stuff I was done. I figured it just got progressively harder after that so I quit while I was ahead. I felt great all day though, it felt like I picked up a ton of energy. It must have been all those 'hidden' muscles coming awake on me. I definitely noticed a difference in the pool. I've never felt so much burn in my muscle in the pool like that before. I could tell 'things' were fatigued.

Dont Wake the Wife!!

Sure enough 24hrs after my Yoga workout the soreness set in. Don't touch my ribs. I may kill you. Things are very tender. I haven't given up though. I look forward to trying to complete the entire 90 minute DVD. Matty-O mentioned it gets easier after halfway, and if I remember correctly he is right. The rest of it was just stretching and stuff. Maybe I shouldn't have given up so easy? Nahhh first time NEEDS to be enjoyable so I will try it again. I think it worked. This was waaay easier than the Triathlonecore DVD from last week. I think I'll stick to Yoga for now and work my way up to the other DVD.

Mrs. LoTC is unhappy with these early mornings. She's a real b*tch in the mornings and doesn't like to be waken up. I try to be quiet but she's just never happy. I need to find a way to get her to come join me and while I ride the bike she can do Yoga or something. Or maybe I'll just let the Ogre sleep, she's likely to bite my head off if she joins me. It's probably best if she stays in bed lol. I'm the luckiest guy in the world though, she had my breakfast and lunch already made for me even before I finished my workout! Usually I have to poke and prod and roll her out of bed to get my morning feedings. Maybe there is some hope for her afterall!!


Strength - 0:40hrs P90x Yoga
Swim - 1:00hrs


  1. How the hell did you get a .62 mile distance for your yoga workout?!

    Trust me, after 3 yoga sessions it gets really easy.

    All those vinyasas do wonders for your shoulders. I always wondered how many pushups I do in that workout.

    Keep up the good work.

    From one husband with one hell of a bitch to deal with every morning to another... there is NOTHING you can do to remedy that. TRUST ME. Give in. Let them wake when THEY want to. You will be allowed to live if you follow this rule haha.

  2. Bah the stupid software wont let me put nothing for the distance so I just put 1 kilometer in lol!

    Yes I feel it in my shoulders! owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

  3. First off, kudo's for getting up early and finding the PX90 hurt locker. Secondly, your a dink (nice word for a-hole) for what you called your wife. She makes your breakfast and lunch god damn it. Just when I thought I was the biggest a-hole, you've now taken 1st place on the podium. haha


  4. Way to go getting up early with the P90x. That is awesome.

    Um, let her sleep you a*hole. :)

    You know I am saying that with a smile on my face and joking right? I have an oversensitive family that likes to yell - so if I throw out zingers I then apologize so I don't get hollered at. So..please don't yell at me.. :)

  5. nice work on the yoga!
    get used to getting up early for the next 163days:)


  6. lol haha! Love the comments today. I am totally an a**shole, but thats why she luvs me! I think... err I hope... err.. I better check with her first :) Maybe I'll wait till' morning to ask lol

  7. I love that Bryan and Mandy both called you an asshole.. LOVE IT. I know Fran will get you back, you never know what she's sneaking into those breakfasts..

  8. I'm intrigued by this p90x yoga... might have to try that!

  9. P90X yoga - I remember trying that for about 30-40 minutes :-) Glad to hear it gets easier halfway through, maybe I'll bring it back. My hamstring flexibility is a joke!

  10. Man, you took a couple pucks to the head today huh? LOL. A-HOLE!

    (Didn't want to miss my chance to throw that in)

  11. I love how the lurkers come out of the darkness given the opportunity to shoot a puck at me lol hahaha

    I deserve it of course - there is no hiding that hah!

    I don't know why she loves me! There's definitely something wrong with her lol



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