Monday, February 7, 2011

SuperBowl SunSnowday


Excuses. I has em'.

First I blamed it on having to take Mrs. LoTC for a date to the coffee shop to make up for not getting her a card for the 11yr thingy.
Then I blamed it on the kids and snow and instead we went outside and played.
Then I blamed it on the Super Bowl and not wanting to miss it.
Oh, and instead of doing my regularly scheduled workouts - I at junk food all evening.

Yes. I skipped my long bike.

Tsk tsk. There was no reason for it. I'm just mentally sapped from the previous day's miserable run. Oh did you see that? Did you see what I did there? Another excuse. Pffft. Pathetic.

A happy ending though, well no not really I still shaved an hours but I did get up early Monday morning for a couple hours of riding. It'll do.

So what did I do instead of training Sunday?

Taking Shape. Sort Of.

Saturday's Run Prep

Well I had a vision. It was going to be a coolest snowman we've ever made.... but there was just one problem. It wasn't packing snow. At all. We tried our hardest but it wasn't meant to be. So instead of a snow man, we got the SnowBlob! It took alot of imagination on our part. It wasn't until Mrs. LoTC pointed out that the wooden board looked like a mouth, and from there - the creative juices started flowing. Until then, we all stood around looking at a pile of non-packing snow with no clue as to what we could make with it. I think it turned out good enough considering the challenges faced!

We missed getting mummy in the pics

Mrs. LoTC

Harry Potter Tyler on take off

Tons of it. none of it packing. DOH!

Snow Demon

Dylan practicing his Levitation skillz

My Snow Fort. I made it. Really!

A Necessary Sacrifice

Rubbing My Carrot

Using my Phat Ass to Pack the Snow. Fail.

Snowman Improvise

Ooohhhh Aaaa Ohhhhh


  1. ummmm so what exactly are you doing with the snowman's carrot in your mouth??????

  2. Were you giving your snowman a blow job? Don't tell me that you are as gay as Bryan?

    As soon as Lake Erie froze, our packing snow is no more... its all this crappy fluffy garbage that is slippery.

    Stop making excuses for ditching your workouts... I would rather see you try and fail haha!!

  3. With snow like that I wouldn't be doing any training! At least the snow blob is an Ironman ;)

  4. Nice job on the snow stuff. AND for future, being tired is not an excuse, it's the truth. Don't BS the regulars with the family crap. Just say your tired. No dis-honour in that, you pussy. haha




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