Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 16 Review

Must Get Back On Track!
Looking back, this week has been a lesson learned. I am still paying the price for not following the outline of my scheduled recovery week. I pushed too hard and for too long and now my IT Band is angry! I have learned about the importance of routine. I need routine to keep me focused and committed to doing the workouts. I threw a wrench in my routine with the injury and later lousy excuses on the weekend to miss workouts. I'm struggling mentally to stay motivated.

My IT Band has flared up again after Saturday's miserable run. It's only sitting at a 2.5/10 but it would take very little to jump to a solid 5 or 6. I can feel it. I think the only thing between me and a complete stop to my workouts is the roller that Peter nagged me about. What an awesome contraption! My homemade solution is working great but I can am beginning to wonder if I had a properly overpriced bigger roller, could it work the same magic on my tight hamstrings? Ohhhh I'll be damned if I give anyone 30 bucks for a peice of foam. What a sham! However, I'm slowly giving in to the idea. My hamstrings need some luvin' too!

Anyhow, on the nutrition side of things - wow has it changed. The past 2 sets had me shaving too much weight too fast. I don't mind a bit of weight loss but not at a rapid rate. A couple weeks ago I decided to completely remove my limits on what I eat and I may have gone a big overboard. First I ate bigger portions and now it has slipped to sweets and potatoe chips and less than healthy meal choices. It's not just the calorie counting that matters, it's also the quality of said calorie that I should pay attention too. Weight wise I have plateued nicely. I'm not losing weight, might have even gained 1 pound but nothing to be worried about, except well.... the plumbing problem. Yeh all this bad eating is taking its tool and I'm lugging around 5-7 pounds of 'training weight'. Wonderful. A trip to Pizza Hut should purge the system just fine.

WEEK 16 TOTAL (Set 5, Week 1 - Base Build)

Swim: 2:00hrs
Bike: 4:30hrs
Run: 4:00hrs
Strength: 0:30hrs

TOTAL: 11:00hrs


  1. My issue with wait is portions. I can eat healthy all I want, I just eat A LOT of healthy haha.

    Personally, I just stretch and take it easy. It has helped me a lot so far, from what I remember in college it takes a good 3-4 weeks to be back to normal and when it was normal, the entire season was spent being over cautious with stretching and running. Always in your mind that you can turn wrong and be out for another four weeks.

    My active recovery has worked better than sitting on my ass. Just my two cents.

    Ice it and stretch it and roll it out. Good luck and keep it up.

  2. i agree with Matty

    have you done physio for your IT? you should also be looking at doing specific strength training for your IT.

    The roller is a substitute for massage which most people don't have unlimited coverage

    Part of your IT problem could stem from weak glutes. As you ramp up your mileage (not sure why you're running so much now if you're first race is ATB) your glutes become overworked and then shut down. This leads to other muscles (IT, quads, hammy etc) overworking to compensate for your slack ass. a physio assessment should pin point the problem along with specific exercises.

    if you glute exercises, let me know and i'll email them to you



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