Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy V-DAY!
So I went and found the plushest bath robe(house coat) and got it for Mrs LoTC. It was way more money than I wanted to spend but she's worth it. She hates the mornings, and the cold, so I figured with something comfortable to look forward to, she'll want to get out of bed in the mornings. It seems to be helping, my breakfasts have been made for me the past few mornings. So far so good! She is the awesomestest!

Why does it have to snow every single weekend in time for my long runs? I guess I should be happy that my short runs have not been to bad lately, but still. I would just like one run that doesn't feel like a tough slog and a chance to hold a pace and heartrate to gauge performance. Snow sucks. On the bright side, it was just above 0 Celsius which means it was a warmer run than usual. Spring is in the air!

Well I can say the 'roller' thingy worked. My IT Band feels good and all the pain has gone away. I also started to roll my hamstrings since they've been tight and inflamed. I'm sure the next Yoga session will hurt. I had to skip my Yoga session this morning. OK, well maybe I'll do it tonight before my swim but it seems I've traded IT Band injury for foot pain. Some kind of sharp pain along the outer edge and top of my foot. I hope nothing is broken, it hurts to walk on it. I think I had this once before and it took a solid week and a half to go away. We'll see. I think it has to do with my running shoes, they are worn. I have new ones on the way, I'm hoping they'll be here before the end of the week in time for my longest run of the training program in time for Around the Bay. Just the same I hope this injury disappears in time. 32Km run. It is going to suck. Foot pain sucks.

Of course she had to have the most expensive Robe of all...

You ever wonder why you are doing it? Why you're getting up out of bed so early? Why you put yourself through the discomfort? Well motivation is running low around our place so Mrs LoTC and I  curled up on the couch together and watched 2010 Ironman World Championship DVD again. Gees, I was practically crying like a little gurl watchinig that stuff. It's definitely moving, I get really excited. I'm hoping it worked for her too. Mrs LoTC had some exams to write so now with that over, she can slip a workout or two in. The momentum was lost, I know how tough it can be to get going again.

Exciting week ahead - the parts should arrive for the wife's bike! Plus some goodies in there for myself! I am preparing myself for a hardcore 32km run this weekend. Self supported so I'm going to have to hide waterbottles along the side of the road before hand. I figure I'll pre-run the entire Around the Bay Race course. I sure hope weather co-operates! So far, the forecast looks promising!!

GarminConnect was down again so I can't quite post me weekly stats.


I ran
I Biked
I'll post numbers when Garmin Connect stops sucking.
Ow. My. Foot.


  1. So, you really just wanted her to wear the robe and nothing else to bed for easy access. Stop lying to your blog followers!

  2. MO - Easy access is the bestest! Especially in public. Wait, did I say that out loud? haha!

    TRI - well lets not get ahead of myself. I still gotta get er' done. I'm kinda sorta not sure if I'm looking forward to it or not. Ask me after the attempt lol!

  3. J, I too hate when the garmin's out of order. Nice job on the gift.



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