Friday, March 11, 2011

ABC's of Me

A- Age 33 going on 12

B- Bed Size: What's that? Oh, well she gets a Queen and I'm left with a single at best.

C- Chore you hate: Putting laundry away. But thats the only thing I do so I really cant complain.

D- Dogs: I've been attacked and bitten more times than you'd like to know. It comes with the territory mountain biking and dogs off leashes with lousy owners. They sense the fear and attack like clockwork, dogs hate me. It's mutual.

E- Essential Start your Day Item: Water. I always wake up dehydrated.
F- Favorite Color: Blue. Well it was purple but thats just not 'manly' enough nowadays.
G- Gold or Silver: Silver. Gold is overplayed...

H- Height: 6ft 4in, Nothing is made for tall people, thus the neverending back pain. Being tall does have alot of advantages though but I'd trade that in any day if it meant getting rid of back pain

I- Instruments you play: None. I did do the French Horn in highschool but thats only cuz the chicks blowing on the horn were hot
J- Job Title: Network Administrator, computer geek turned middle management

K- Kids: 3 boys, 19, 18, 14.  No, thats not a typo, and I am 33. Do the math *pause*

L- Live: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada area

M- Mom’s Name: Lets not go there...

N- Nicknames: None now, and it will remain that way

O- Overnight Hospital Stays: Yes.

P- Pet Peeve: Stupid people. Mouth breathers. Droolers.
Q- Quote from a Movie: "Ohhhhhh Billy" *Rubbing of the nipples* <- disturbing, but stuck in my head 4ever, can you guess the movie? I swear I'm mentally scared from that scene *shudder*

R- Right or Left Handed: Right preferred but I can most things with my left as well. That sounded kinky...

S- Siblings: Younger brother, Younger sister

T- Time you wake up: 5:30am

U- Underwear: Boxxers of course

V- Vegetable you Dislike: All of them. I eat what I have to now, I never used to at all.

W- What Makes You Late: Waiting for other people... ohhh thats a pet peeve for sure

X- X-rays You’ve had Done: All of them. I don't think there's a part that hasn't been zapped, I lead a crazy mountain bike career. Comes with the territory.

Y- Yummy Food you Make: Nope. That's the woman's job. I dont do kitchens.

Z- Zoo Animal Favorite: Flashlight fish. The ones that self-illuminate from super deep in the ocean, most zoo's have an aquarium with them in it. Amazing! That or the Moray Eel.

I'll help out the slower people like Matty-O and do the math for him, Yes it would have made me 14yrs old.
My favourite part is carrying on a conversation while the other party does the math in there head. The reactions people have are hilarious. You can see there eyebrows raise and eyes bulge out of there heads after they do the math but I just continue on the conversation like there's nothing out of the ordinary. Usually followed by an 'awkward' silence on there part. It's funny, I love it :)  Oh, plus my wife is very young looking. She's a really hot 3*yr old but looks like she's 22, so people damn near drop there jaw on the floor when they find out we've got a 19yr old hah!

Disclaimer: Technically my son turns 19 in a few days actually
Punch Line:  I adopted. That's why lol. But I like to tell people that I was 14 and that she was my babysitter and took advantage of me. It's more fun that way hah! j/k


  1. I feel so old when I read all of these...seriously a 19 year old? I understand why you would be a favorite of Adena.

  2. I wondered how the "math" worked but now I know.

    yea I feel reaaaallllyyy old considering I'm more than 10 years older than you and my kids are more than 10 years younger than yours

  3. Totally, its awesome! We'll be empty nesters looooong before anyone else.
    But we're also empty wallets too hah! Try feeding a house of 4 men! They consume no less than a small army. Plus they're off to college next year $$$

  4. I am thoroughly confused now.... they were adopted?! OR they weren't adopted and you were just trying to be funny? haha.

    Damn man, I didn't bang a chick til I was 17. Canadians must move fast up there.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I just figured, if you're from Hamilton 14 goes with the territory.

  6. Ohhhhhh Susie you're bad! I like it lol!

    MO - Yes they I adopted. lol

  7. dooood, yer not right !!! LOL !!

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