Friday, March 25, 2011

First Kit

I'm already getting annoyed with this whole 'B' race thing. Given that I've trained all winter specifically improving my running for this precise race, I should feel more excited. I am looking forward to seeing the results of my hard work, but just the same I am looking forward to the next phase of training. I want to workout, I want to ride hard, but I cannot because of this taper thing that I got to do for Around The Bay. I don't like waiting.
I skipped last night's taper run. a measely 5km will not be missed, but I figure I'll make up for it this evening by doing something at least to keep me loose. I think in the future, I'm going to reduce or completely avoid the number of 'B' and 'C' races, they interfere with the training plan too much.

Anyhow I picked up my race package today! My very first Running Race kit! It included a good looking long sleeve technical shirt that might be too short in the arms but I'll wear it anyways. By doing this race, I guess I could say 'I am a runner' now? Or maybe I should wait to see if I finish first, or if my time is anything respectable. I always found it interesting over the polarized opinions on who can/can't or should/shouldn't call themselves a triathlete. If are training for a triathlon, do you get to say you are a triathlete? Or do you have to finish one first? Once you finish, does it have to be a full Iron before you can say you are a triathlete or does a try-a-tri count? Its not uncommon to see opinions that only a 'full' counts. Admittedly I read Slowtwitch, daily, and I think the jaggedness of my opinions are being influenced and formed by the less-than-stellar role models that lurk those forums. Does running have the same problem? What is required to be called 'A runner'?

I met up with Peter from Tripple Yadda, as he was in town to pickup his race kit too. Immediately I could tell I was out of my league. He's way fitter looking than I, as I thought for sure he was 'round' from the photo on his blog. This guy is a runner for sure, he'd totally kick my butt. After some poorly labelled signs guiding us through race kit pickup, we took a quick glance over the expo area. No obvious great deals, and I couldn't find the big bottle of Hammer Gel that I was looking for. Actually, I could barely find anything 'Hammer' at all. It seems E-Load is the new standard. Regardless, I am pretty sure Peter, an economics guru,  has stock in the foam industry - he tried to sell me a $40 peice of foam as a roller. I'm no stranger to foam and I can tell you that the cost to make that roller is likely less than a dollar so you gotta be frickin' kidding me. I think I'll stick to my Nalgene bottle. Heck I would have considered $20 because my rolling pin ('The Stick' substitue) is a little more money than I thought. Who the heck pays $15 for a wooden rolling pin? Its just a peice of wood! So I would maybe consider replacing my rolling pin and nalgene bottle with a $20 peice of foam if it was the right colour and size and some hot blonde was flashing her 'credentials' in my genuine direction to make the sale. Maybe. $40 though, she better get on her knees and... oh nevermind.


None - Taper laziness.


  1. Once you finish that race you can definitely say you are a runner. It's a tough one - save something for the last 10 k.

  2. I can't wait to cheer you on!! I need to find a place to meet up with Fran. What time are you guys headed this way??

  3. oh, your such a cheap **&^^%%#*$!!

    Trust me, I'm definitely not fast. Have you seen Matty O's times?

    i'm still a maybe but good luck. Stick with the 10 x 1 mins

  4. Umm...I just did an email transfer to pick up someone's bib. Longest run 24k, I might be in trouble :-P

  5. I LOVE that video, thank you so much for sharing. A couple of those clips made me emotional. I love running, even though it doesn't love me most days and I just had my most atrocious marathon yet last Sunday. But it won't keep me away :)

    Btw, I have The Stick and still use my rolling pin from time to time, it feels different and sometimes it's better!



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