Friday, May 6, 2011

TI Swim

I had a good time at the pool knowing that the next day was a rest day. The workout started out a bit slow but then a new face showed up in the lane beside me and then it was game on! It was clear to me that he has some T.I. swim technique going on, very smooth, very efficient and very fast! We were matched for speed, except he did flip turns so I had to push a little harder between laps. Our pool doesn't have many fast swimmers so it was refreshing to have some fun competition for a change! An added bonus was that he didn't stop every couple laps, he held his speed continuous like I do. I had to commend him on his awesome swimming ability, I was impressed! I'm not the greatest swimmer, but I don't suck at it either. I was humbled by the experience, even though I still out swam him by a mere 2 seconds per lap :) It took me awhile, but eventually I lapped him. What a crazy workout!

The scary part was, I told my wife I think he is an older version of me. His swim stroke looked exactly the same as mine which if you seen it - is unique. He even wore the same dorky tinted swim mask as me! What are the odds? There was a bit of ummm 'thinning out' of the hair on top his head, so I was pretty sure I was swimming beside the futuristic me that came back in time to tell me something important. Like tomorrow's lottery number or something. I sparked up some conversation after the swim to acknowledge the fun in the pool, but he didn't have lottery numbers or betting advice. He said he wasn't a triathlete and he was just trying to self-teach himself T.I. swimming. Damn. He sucks at lieing too, now I am CERTAIN that was an older version of me.

Earlier in the evening was our standard run with the Road Rebel running group. This running group thing is working out well! I've found a few runners who are just outside my comfort-zone pace and are leading me to the next level of running. My goal was just to maintain my run, so I'm still keeping it slow on the longer runs. I dont want to risk injury, I'm still feeling a bit of shin splin returning last night. Just tenderness for now, nothing critical.


Run - 1:00hrs
Swim - 1:00hrs


  1. Great swim there! My form is unique too, but not in a good way I don't think :-P

  2. LOVED the picture LOL man, you have some good archives for your blog. At least the retarded worthless kitty cats are gone!



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