Monday, May 9, 2011

Mothers Day 2011

My new chainring arrived. Replacing the 46t on the cross bike with a 50t so I can hopefully hold pace with group road rides which I have yet to do. At least now I am ready! I can't wait!!

Mothers day was a beautiful spring trail jog in Dundas Valley. Surprisingly there were not many people on the trail as I had expected! I had a great run which included a ton of steep hills. We finished the run off with a coffee at Domestique Cafe which is becoming a regular stop for us!

After a brief tanning session in the backyard by the closed pool, I finally got around to installing the new HID kit that arrived last week.

The old bulbs are still good, but one of the transformers was flaking out. I'll keep them and put them to good use somewhere. I'm just not too sure where yet.

I was a bit sore from the previous day's 180Km bike ride so sitting on the concrete and rolling around on the ground working in tight spaces was just what I needed. Not.

Someone had the bright idea to go get ice cream in the evening. The line-up was huge and the sun went down long before we got serverd. We all huddled around a table outdoors shivering as we inhaled our cold treats. We would have ate them in the car but things are a bit ummm squishy. When we bought the car we needed something sporty but with a 'backseat' just in case. The backseat in this thing can barely fit a childseat but its extremely rare it gets used so I don't care. I had to test out the new lights so we crammed 5 adults into this thing lol!
... Into THIS.
Fit these....

The kids made breakfast and chored around the house so for there rewards we crushed them into the backseat and went for 'healthy' icecream.

Mothers Day.
Child Labour Approved.

Modeling FAIL.
U'd think after watching so much
America's Next Top Model she
would have learned something by now?

I approve of Candid Modeling.


Bike - 180Km
Hilly Trail Run - 14Km


  1. Was Fran humping the mirror in that picture? I approve.



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