Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 29 Review

It could be worse...
OK, maybe not.
Is that ALL you got?!

Pssshhhh, I thought this JPO Training Program was going to be hard or something? The biggest week to date and I'm cruisin' along with a smile.

This was the first week of half-decent weather. That made it a bit easier to get the workouts in, with a little extra to take advantage of the good weather incase it disappeared the next day. This left me with alot more extra by the time the week finished. I tacked on an additional 2hrs that were not supposed to be there. I'm not complaining, yet. The next week calls for some big numbers and by going too hard this week, I may pay my disobedience the following week. Just making the best of some nice weather in the short term incase the weather goes bad again.

I love that there is enough sunlight in the evening to put together a couple hours of solid riding. This helps make it easier to hit those training goals. The part that nags me in the back of my mind is that I haven't been getting any mountain biking in. MTB helps me build strength and just the same I dont want my l33t technical skills to go rusty. There's already a bit of cobwebs on them judging by my last ride from the previous week. I'm not sure where I am going to find the time or energy. I can make the time, even with a 17hr training week, but the hard part is the energy. I can't just make energy as this training program leaves me with little extra in reserve.

With only one week of hard training left before a recovery week - I am going to promise myself some serious off-road fun on my recovery week. In the meantime I need to stick to the plan and finish this set strong. I was absolutely exhausted after my long ride on Saturday, to the point where I felt ill. I've been pushing hard on my workouts when in some cases I should be pacing myself - I think if I incorporate some group rides with 'better paced' riders, it might just do me some good. It can't be hammer time all the time.

Oh and I got one Brick workout in which is m first of the year. What a joke, no problem whatsoever. It only took 10 minutes to bring the HR down but only because I forced myself too. I felt like a rocket blasted off after transition and bolted out too fast. It felt good, but probably not the smartest thing to do during a race. Regardless, I need to practice more.

TRAINING: (Set 8, Week 2 - Performance Phase)

Swim - 1:50hrs
Bike - 10:45hrs (302Km incl/ 43Km Cyclocross Trail)
Run - 4:00hrs (41Km incl/ 14km Hill Trail Run)

TOTAL - 16:30hrs (350Km)

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