Tuesday, December 13, 2011

MDot Cookiessss

Tough weekend.
Mediocre bike followed by a real grind of a run. The bike trainer really taxes my legs, the resistance is just way more than your average trainer. 90 minutes feels like 90 kilometers ugggh. I dont know if this was the reason for my run feeling so tough. Maybe I'm still semi-bonked from earlier in the week but I couldn't move my legs at a pace I would have liked. Tough Slogging (Slow+Jogging). It might also have to do with the fact I've run a hilly half-marathon every weekend for 5 weeks now.

It's Xmas cookie time! It was much easier making the M-Dot cookies this year since we have an actual M-Dot cookie cutter! Last year we did them all by hand manually with a knife....

Swim Exit
The Swimmer
Off-Season'r Cookie
I like my chocolate so I weighted down my cookies M&Ms and chocolate chips for the most part. The kids made theirs mostly with sprinkles. The sad part is more than half the cookies have been eaten already. I have alot to do with that. During last night's tough swim I decided I will not eat anymore cookies. The sacrifice made easier by stepping on the scale in the morning - I haven't lost any weight after several weeks of proper eating and training. Disappointed, a little, but I could also be retaining alot of repair water after such a tough week of training. I'm just going to stay off the scale until the new year.

Multi Layered


  1. M-dot cookies... what a great idea. I am baking with my mom on Sunday so I'm totally going to add these to the list.

    Thanks for the MTB encouragement too! I will now only measure MTB rides in time, not distance :) My friend is lending me his old bike indefinitely (he as a spiffy new 29-er) so there will be lots of MTB'ing this winter.

  2. Please send some my way...I would be happy to send you my address... Thanks... :)

  3. repair water??? wtf?

    do i actually have to do an Ironman before I can buy an IM cookie cutter?



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